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Tony McGuinness of Above & Beyond to Mix First Episode of TATW on Upcoming Stream

Tony McGuinness, one of three members of Above & Beyond, confirmed on his Twitch livestream yesterday that he plans on mixing the first ever Trance Around the World (TATW) episode live on an upcoming stream.

It’s unclear at this time when the stream will happen, but if you need more confirmation, see his tweet below.

If you got into Above & Beyond after 2012, you likely know them as the pioneers behind their historic radio show, ABGT aka “Group Therapy.” You’ve also likely seen the many massive yearly events the trio throws to celebrate every 50 episodes, such as ABGT100 at Madison Square Garden, ABGT250 for the first weekender event at The Gorge in Washington, and most recently, ABGT350 in Prague.

But before Group Therapy, there was Trance Around the World. Any old Above & Beyond fan will tell you how the iconic opening, “Trance Around The World, with Above & Beyond” is forever ingrained in their memory.

The very first episode of Trance Around the World debuted over 16 years ago on January 14, 2004 and featured a guest mix from Mirco de Govia. The episode cannot be found anywhere online besides a fan made recreation on YouTube. The oldest legitimate recording of a TATW episode we could track down was TATW003. These episodes featured the more uplifting side of Above & Beyond’s music they created at the time, while ABGT showcases the more progressive side of their sound.

For many fans, hearing the boys mix these old tunes is a long time coming. After they threw down an hour of classics during the second hour of their Dreamstate set last November, it was only a matter of time before they realized how badly the fans wanted a taste of nostalgia.

McGuinness stated in the Twitch comments that his recreation will occur during either his next stream or the one following, so it’s not long until fans can hear the episode that started it all. If you don’t want to miss it, be sure to follow him on Twitter and Twitch, where you’ll get a notification once he goes live. For something this big, he will likely make an announcement beforehand.

See the full track list of the first episode below:

TATW001 Tracklist:

  1. OceanLab – Satellite (Above & Beyond Original Mix)

  2. Whirlpool – Under The Sun (Filo & Peri Bangin’ Mix)

  3. Ernesto Vs Bastian – A Few Seconds After Trancefer

  4. Delerium feat. Nerina Pallot – Truly (Signum Club Mix)

  5. Super8 – Alba [Record Of The Week]

  6. Chakra – I Am (Above & Beyond Remix)

  7. Endre – Kallocain (Robert Nickson Remix)

  8. St John’s vs Locust – Mind Circles

  9. Thomas Datt – 2V2

  10. Mark Otten – Halifax

  11. Sarah McLachlan – Fallen (Gabriel & Dresden Antigravity Mix)

Guest Mix: Mirco De Govia

  1. Miro By Your Side (Ronski Speed Mix)

  2. LNG – Inter City

  3. Sun Decade – Follow You (Extended Vocal Mix)

  4. Robert Nickson – Spiral

  5. Armin van Buuren – Burned with Desire (Ronski Speed Dub)

  6. Envious – Touched By The Sun

  7. G&M Project – Sunday Afternoon

  8. Mark Norman – Faith [Stuck In The Box]

  9. Nitromethane – Religion [Anjunabeats Exclusive]

Header Image Credit: Karel Uyttendaele Photography.

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