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TFSF Update: 4/3/2020

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Amidst all the chaos and craziness, we are fortunate in today’s world to be connected through the internet with our friends and family. In fact, that’s how our TranceFamily connected in the earlier days and helped us stay in touch with each other. We hope everyone is staying safe and for this COVID-19 pandemic to end soon.

The music industry is obviously suffering with so many events being canceled and we appreciate your patience and support during this time. Estiva, Ciaran McAuley and Andy Moor have been canceled with tickets valid for the rescheduled date. If you need a refund, you’ll need to contact the venues directly.

Due to the uncertainty of events, we’d like to remind people of our TranceFamilySF calendar on our website which is the only place that will show TBA & TBD events. TBA events are confirmed artists or events that we’re waiting to announce while TBD events are just weekends held with a venue or awaiting confirmation.


The Road To TFSFX with Ciaran McAuley was unfortunately canceled but that didn’t stop us from celebrating entirely. Special thanks to Ciaran for doing a special mix with our worldwide TranceFamily in lieu of the event during these challenging times. The event is rescheduled for September and will be debuting the anthem later this summer. TFSF’s “Our Journey” chapter will close with Ciaran instead beginning with him.

TFSFX is continuing as planned at The Midway until further notice. We’re excited to announce 10 headliners for 10 years of TranceFamilySF! This will be the most talent we’ve ever booked for a single show with some very unique sets planned. We can’t say much else except for some being USA exclusive. There will be four rooms of music with headliners on each stage including a dedicated classics room. The VIP ticket will have a dedicated table and seating area, unique perks (TBA), gourmet appetizers, drink tickets and much more. The TFSF experience will include backstage passes and dinner with the headliners during the first hour of the night.


Our new merch will be updated online in the coming weeks with new TFSFX merch and a simplified inventory of items. Merchandise will be available to order on our website in the next few weeks, just in time for summer.

Exclusive merch items will be available at our events.


For anyone wishing to visit SF for an upcoming show from far away or simply having a tough time, we’d like to assist Your Journey to attend. We have a limited amount of guest passes set aside for media organizations, influencers and individuals at each show.

Apply here:


We will be re-launching our YouTube and Soundcloud outlets so you can relive the nights or join us from around the world.

Our blog also relaunched this year, so be on the lookout for more artist highlights, upcoming track releases, events and trance news from around the world.


We’ve taken a short break on these to reconsider ideas so we can continue making these special. After so many contests, the numbers of people entering have declined and it’s the same people winning over and over. Moving forward we will be doing a combination of TFSF Experiences (meeting the artist with potential hangouts such as dinner before the show or pregaming) and contests.

With open to close sets, we’ll most likely continue doing the first 50 people in line to meet the headliner and a contest to hangout with the artist before the event.


There are so many ways now to communicate and keep the community updated. Between social media fluctuations with reach and views, we’re going to start some new ways to keep everyone updated.

The TFSF that’s set to launch this summer will let you stay up to date with events and choose notifications for the following: event announcements, tickets on sale, contests/giveaways and event updates.

Our texting service is also set to launch this summer with simple notifications for Event Announcements and Tickets on Sale


We are currently looking to expand our team with people passionate about trance, events and our community. You don’t have to live in SF to be a part of the team :)

Apply here:

2020 PLANS

Most of the year is already planned with events, so you can expect two to three shows a month with some massive events at Midway and intimate shows at Halcyon. We are also looking into a few events at Temple SF, 1015 Folsom and F8 to spread our love of trance music to other venues and have different atmospheres based on the headliner.


5/22 - TBA

6/5 - Menno de Jong [OTC]

6/20 - TBD

7/3 - TBA

7/11 - TFSFX [Lineup TBA]

8/1 - TBA

8/14 - Ferry Corsten presents What The F

8/29 - TBD

9/4 - TBA

9/12 - TBA

9/19 - TBA

9/25 - TBD

10/2 - TBD

12/18 - TBD

Some other plans include Phoria’s six-year anniversary, day parties, Sunday Funday rooftop sessions and more.


To stay more connected with TranceFamilySF, here are some tips:

Lastly, we are constantly open to pushing the boundaries for trance but only so much we can do in one year. You can always suggest ideas directly to us or email Thanks for all your continued support over the years and we can’t wait to return to the dance floor.

Much love

Sony & Ulrich

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